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Looking for experts in BigQuery, Looker Studio, ERP, templates, dashboards and data connectors? Good news, here we are! Don't be a stranger, and let's discuss your needs.

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We collect, organize, analyze and render your data in dynamic reports, so you can focus your time on what really matters

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Templates and dashboards

For agencies and for e-commerce, we build the Looker Studio reports of your dreams

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Many stuff in BigQuery

ERP, writing & scheduling queries, ..., anything you need to perform

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Formations & support

We'll help you and your team get to the next level in Looker Studio

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Make collecting and using data so easy that you’ll never have to worry about it again

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Centralize your data in a BigQuery ERP

There’s nothing worse than missing out on a small trend that could yield a huge profit. We help you set up an ERP and develop a 360-degree vision of your business.


We set up effective reports to monitor all your KPIs in real time

Thanks to our reports, you’ll be able to follow the key figures of each division: acquisition, conversion, sales, logistics, after-sales service, CRM, etc. This means you can concentrate your efforts on areas where it is most needed and never feel overwhelmed.

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We help you build skills and generate your own growth

Throught our live support service, your teams will improve day-by-day and become agents of change within your company. More info at

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This is also why we give it our all ; to make our customers happy !

" Arnaud created the entire data studio for our brand with great professionalism and responsiveness. The project was complex because it involved so many channels. The result is very professional and very useful to us on a daily basis! Arnaud quickly understood our problem and came up with a very clear answer. He is very proactive and put together a very complete proposal ! I recommend him with my eyes closed. Thank you Arnaud! "
Juliette Phan
─ Maison Dorée
"I highly recommend working with this service provider, who makes himself available and works quickly. "
Roman Sebag
─ Cosmo Connected
" Arnaud is a real pleasure to work with. Very good understanding of technical subjects, curious and super-square in his work. Arnaud was very committed throughout the assignment. One of the best in Bigquery and datastudio ! "
Julien Blet Carcy
─ Silvr
" Arnaud is an excellent professional in all aspects: Committed to the project, meticulous and with a great background in his subject. We are very satisfied with the results obtained and will not hesitate to rely on him for future collaborations. "
Eduard Marti Claret
─ Brandam
" I worked with Arnaud on our Looker reports and he very quickly raised them to a very good level with his experience and deep knowledge in Analytics/Looker. Arnaud understands the requirements very quickly and works his way into the topics just as quickly. We are very happy with his friendly support and great work. "
Norbert Beyer
─ B2B Interactive media
" Great consulting work, very client-friendly, open to feedback - highly recommend ! "
Karim Suhm
─ Talentspring
" I have enjoyed working with Arnaud, and his level of involvement has been great from day 1, as well as his professionalism and knowledge of Big Query that has been the main focus of our work. "
Morgan Monzon
─ Adntro Genetics
" A highly valued business partner ! As the firm administrator for a multi-unit organization my time is precious. Arnaud at Looker Studio Bible has been an essential partner with me in helping to develop and grow our dashboards and analytic process. He can do in minutes what I can do in hours. Since I am in the US eastern time, we can meet early in the AM. Edits are completed in the AM and new projects are generally ready the following AM. From there I can make small edits, if need be, or email feedback to Arnaud. Our partnership and his expertise have been a vital piece of helping me to leverage my time and facilitated the sharing of analytics across our operations team. "
Phil Sproat
─ Melone Hatley
" Arnaud masters the complexity of SQL databases, and his analytical and communication skills are invaluable. His availability and involvement were greatly appreciated by our entire team. "
David Bochert
─ Easyence
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